Thursday, September 17, 2015

blog #1

This semester I will be pre-student teaching at a LYFE program with infants and toddlers. I am excited and nervous since I will have to create a lesson plan and implant it with the children. I am nervous how the outcome might be since with toddlers anything can happen. This semester I hope to learn more about my peers experiences. Hearing from them and how their lesson plans come about will help me create a lesson plan more effectively. This semester I also hope to gain more first hand with children and be able to discuss in class problems or issues that might occur throughout the semester.
At the end of the semester I hope to acquire more knowledge in dealing with children developmental milestones, dealing with families, discipline, and more. I have been a substitute paraprofessional and usually only meet a child once and not see them again. But this time I will be at a permanent location for a semester, seeing the same children overtime will help me understand them more and help me gain more experience.